Comprehensive Location Tracking Solution
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Location Tracker is a product of Saltriver Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. Saltriver started its operations in 1997 in India. Over the years we have evolved from an offshore development partner for third party software companies in the US and Europe to an established custom software developer with proven technological capabilities and a product portfolio of our own in different Vertical markets.
Location Tracker, a Information technology solution and services provider, offers range of niche products and co-sourcing services. Location Tracker is an integrated IT solution company. To complement its product range and solutions we launched its embedded solution division in 2005. We specializes in Retail, Telecom, Logistics, Healthcare and CRM solutions based on mobile, wireless, handheld, identification and web technologies.
Location Tracking Device is embedded GPS/CellId based product which tracks the vehicle location. We can offer customized solution for monitoring vehicle parameters also. It communicates via SMS to the central location. Users can get the device location using SMS.
This location-tracking technology also is being used to streamline supply chains for corporations, seeking to move products to the market faster, and to monitor assets and prevent inventory loss. Soon, companies also will be able to track your location. Imagine walking through your local supermarkets, and as you pass through the aisle, an electronic coupon for your favorite cereal is beamed to your phone
Location Tracker Fleet Management / Asset Management Systems allow end users to increase revenues, reduce costs and risk, and improve their business practices.

This is accomplished by supplying leading-edge technologies that enable both passive GPS and active / real-time GPS management of information, through Mobile Asset Fleet Tracking Systems and services. Mix and match the different GPS systems within your organization to meet individual needs, and still be able to view all your assets on the same map.
Location Tracker provides following versions of System which are used in different areas of Logistics industry, whether it is tracking field force of company or tracking mobile assets like delivery van, truck, car, school bus, tourist bus, etc.
Mobile Version
Mobile Version is used for person tracking where in person is having a Mobile phone which gives the information about cellid through which the location of person can be identified.
GPS Version
GPS Version is used for vehicle tracking. GPS device in vehicle gives its location information at fixed interval.
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