Comprehensive Location Tracking Solution
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Comparitive Analysis Of Different Versions :

Characteristics GPS offline GPS online Mobile Phone Based RFID Card based Tracking
What can be tracked? Vehicle/Consignment Vehicle/Consignment Field Force/Vehicle/Consignment Field Force/Vehicle/Consignment
How it works? A unit is fitted in a vehicle, when the vehicles returns to office the details of route are downloaded using a cable in computer for analysis. The unit is fitted in a vehicle with an active SIM card. It keeps sending location message at regular time. A user can check vehicle position by sending SMS or by going to Location Web Site Software is loaded on Mobile Phone. It is programmed to send the location to server at regular interval. A user can check the location by sending SMS at any point of time. Only a card is required to be given to a person or vehicle driver. A RFID reader is required to be installed at all the location where persons reaching time or outgoing time needs to be recorded. This unit needs an active SIM card. The unit sends SMS to a central server and records time.
How accurate is the location? Upto 10 meter precision Upto 10 meter precision, can be shown on map Can be upto 1000 meter, depends on tower coverage area Only place where card is placed can be identified
Is it real time? No Yes Yes Yes
Variable Cost None SMS cost SMS cost SMS cost
Capital Cost Low/Medium Medium/High Low/Medium Low for large vehicle with limited monitoring point


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